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They cranked the gas and sped down the final stretch.

As they neared it, Travis squeezed the front brake and rode out the last 30 feet on his front wheel.

Nikki and Travis were 14 with Vikki late in 13, all matured early (by 12 the girls, Nikki and Vikki, had large B’s and an ass 2 or 3 years ahead of there age).

As usual when money is involved, the parents were often around, forcing them to become more independent than they should be, working the barn and kennel mostly themselves.

“Wanna ride over and see what Vikki’s getting into?As for the horses, there were 78 in all, 26 mares, 8 fillies, 6 colts, 18 stallions, and 20 mini’s (10 mares and 10 stallions).There were 3 barns built a lot like the indoor kennel, 26 10X10, private stalls per barn with 2 10X10 shower stalls in each.They crested a hill and caught air, sailing 10 feet in air with ease.The kennel came into sight as they crested another hill.

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